Wolf Den Leader Carl West and I attended the Basic Adult Leadership Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) at Camp Burnett, a requirement enabling Cub Scout Packs to camp outdoors in group settings.  Camping outdoors is one of the mainstays of Scouting. Important lessons Scouts learn while camping include: how to start a campfire, how to cook, cleaning up, conservation of the environment, and much more. 

All parents of our Cub Scouts are encouraged to attend a BALOO training course to enable not only proper trained adults to care for Scouts, but to improve personal stewardship to nature.  Carl and I had a great time, even though we got rained on, and the cold was brittle, the camaraderie was enthusiastic, and we learned a lot.

Our Webelos Den started on their Duty to God requirements; and Stronger, Faster, Higher adventures. 

The Bear Den completed their Fellowship and Duty to God requirements.

The Blue and Gold Banquet was a success with Coy Bain and Patrick Cruse obtaining their Arrow of Light Badge.  Thanks to all the parents who make Scouting a success.  Thanks to Angela Burkey for her creative campfire, Anna Peters’ Indian drumming, and the Den Leaders who helped.  Matthew Cruse was recognized for his work in the past 3 years as our Cubmaster.

Pinewood Derby is coming up, Spring Break Campout at Mineral Wells State Park, and Space Derby shortly thereafter.  It will be a very fun spring season for our Cub Scouts. 

Remember what Thomas Paine said regarding the American Revolution: “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.  What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.” 

A fighter for freedom in our cause against oppression, he philosophized on what remains the American Citizens’ quintessential Common Sense.  Scouting enables every child the essence to learn what Freedom is truly about, being in nature, learning basic camping skills, surviving on the land, and being a patriotic citizen respecting this wonderful Republic of the People