One Somervell County race will have a runoff in May as a result of the final vote totals Tuesday evening in the Primary Election.

Dwayne Johnson and Richard Talavera will go head-to-head in the Republican runoff for Somervell County Commissioner Precinct 2 because no one received at least 51 percent of the votes.

The winners of Somervell County's contested Republican races Tuesday were Wade Busch, Precinct 4 Commissioner; Scott May, Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace; Ronnie Webb, Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace; and County Treasurer Susanne Graves.

Early voting for the runoff between Talavera and Johnson will be from May 14-18. The runoff election day will be Tuesday, May 22.

That race involved three candidates — Ramon Bunt, Johnson and Talavera. The vote total at the end of the night Tuesday showed Talavera in the lead with 274 votes, while Johnson was second with 222 and Bunt third with 119.

“I got a good opponent (and) he’s a nice guy,” said Talavera, who is a detective with the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office. “I’m glad that the voters came out to support me. I hope they come out in May and show their support as well. I hope to be the next commissioner of Precinct 2.”

Johnson, who owns and operates Johnson Electric, said, “I’m excited that so many people came out and voted. The turnout was great. I’m looking forward to seeing people again (in the extended campaign). I’m looking forward to the future of Somervell County, and making sure they’re taken care of.”

Judy Nawrocki was unopposed as the lone Democrat running for Precinct 2 commissioner. Nawrocki received 40 votes in all — 24 early votes and 16 on Tuesday.

The general election is set for Nov. 6, 2018.

Current Precinct 2 Commissioner John Curtis decided not to run for reelection.

Busch’s total of 313 votes topped Doug Mitchell’s 179. Mitchell had been serving on the Glen Rose City Council. Current Precinct 4 Commissioner Don Kranz chose not to seek reelection.

“I’m very pleased, and very appreciative of all the people that voted,” Busch said. “It’s going to be a while (before taking office), but I’m looking forward to it (taking office on Jan. 1, 2019) and helping as much as I can.”

Both Justice of the Peace positions will remain the same, with incumbents Ronnie Webb winning the race in Precinct 1 and Scott May winning in Precinct 2. Webb won with 597 votes, while Shane Tipton was runner-up with 369. May’s 694 vote total topped runner-up Matt Holder’s 224.

“I’m very pleased and thankful to the people of Somervell County (seeing) fit to elect me to another term,” Webb said. “I love representing the people of Somervell County, and serving the people.”

Webb was appointed to the post 14 months prior to winning election for the first time, then retained the position when he was unopposed in two previous election cycles.

May was unable to show up on the courthouse square Tuesday evening for the traditional viewing of the vote totals because he has been home, sick with pneumonia, since last week.

“I’m excited and humbled,” May told the Glen Rose Reporter by phone shortly after the final vote totals were posted. “I’m so glad to continue to serve Somervell County. This is an awesome thing.”

The race for Somervell County’s treasurer between incumbent Susanne Graves and Kim (Jackson) Freeland was won by Graves, by a 1,029-738 vote.

District and County Clerk Michelle Reynolds and County Judge Danny Chambers were unopposed and will retain their positions. Reynolds received 1,555 votes. Chambers had 1,662 votes.

Deedee Jones was unopposed as Somervell County’s Republican Party chair, and received 1,492 votes.

Bob Miller will succeed Lori Whitworth as Somervell County’s Democratic Party chair. Miller was unopposed on the ballot and received 118 votes.

In the Texas race for Republican state representative candidate for the 59th District, Somervell County voters cast 1,059 votes for incumbent J.D. Sheffield, and 704 votes for Chris Evans of Stephenville. Sheffield was reelected, collecting almost 58 percent of the votes compared to Evans with 42 percent.

In the Republican Primary race for governor, incumbent Greg Abbott enjoyed a wide margin among Somervell County voters with 1,66, while Barbara Krueger was a distant second with 136. Abbott also easily won the statewide vote among Republicans with 90.4 percent while Krueger had just 8.3 percent.