What a great way to start the Saturday morning, as dads and den leaders hauled the wooden framed metal sloping race track from the Methodist Family Center to the First Baptist Church gymnasium.  Race flag decorations, pit stop passes, and the famous pinewood derby cars held onto by proud Cub Scouts added to the festive atmosphere.  Last minute mechanical changes were added or subtracted as each car had to be 5.0 ounces.  

When the races began, the Cub Scouts were cheering so loudly that it felt like NASCAR had just visited our little town.  Thanks to Stacey Neuman who emceed the event as well as provided much needed technical expertise and know-how.  The use of elder DOS computer software didn’t faze him in the least.

Great names such as “Lambo,” “Viking Destroyer,” “Cooter’s Truck,” and “The Hudson Hornet,” blazed the registration form.  Each Den raced in a “round robin” type elimination, until the finals were decided on a point system basis.  The Wolf Den finalists raced each other and Miles West and his super fast “Joey Logano” car won the championship, with a close 2nd place finish by Parker Jones, and 3rd place by Luke Peters.

The Bear Den Division Champion was James Zelenack, with super close 2nd place Landon Jones, and 3rd place by Jack Jewett.  Our new Bear Scout Jaden Huett was a close 4th place finisher.  The Webelos Den Racers finished neck and neck to the end with Gavyn Castillo winning the championship, 2nd place going to Marvin West, ,and 3rd place going to Patrick Cruse.

Each of our division winners received pinewood derby trophies.  The Derby finals with the top two racers in each division racing ended with Gavyn Castillo taking the gold medal, Miles West taking Silver, and Marvin West taking Bronze.

After the fun filled Cub Scout races, the highly anticipated “Open Division” began--where the dads or moms put their hard work in for the opportunity to show off their Pinewood derby car skills.  The grand champion Jack Grey happily reported that his winning car was made by an 11 year old girl who was attending Girl Scout camp at the time.  

Second place went to Carl West and his silver aerodynamic wonder “Ace of Spades.” Cooper Jones took 3rd place.