The Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts together handed out much needed hydration to the runners at this weekend’s Tour de Glen Rose. 

The volunteers have gathered to help someone in the community who is in need.  Last year’s Tour de Glen Rose helped a cancer patient with medical expenses.  Thank you, Carl and Tammy West and all your children.

The Glen Rose Youth Baseball League opening ceremony was led by Cub Scouts and Den parent Matt Jewett Saturday morning at the same time as the race was going on.  What a great way to divide and conquer. Luke, Landon, Jake and Gavin were the honorary flag bearers of the ceremony.

This month’s theme is ‘thrifty.” Part of being thrifty is avoiding waste and using resources wisely.  We must conserve and re-purpose items we use every day to help our environment as well as use them for fun and adventure. 

I have made a habit out of re-purposing toilet paper rolls-stuffing them with dryer sheets and lint, wrapping with wax paper for campfire starters. 

We give thanks to God for this world we live in. We commit to be thrifty when using our resources by recycling and reusing our resources wisely to keep our world clean and beautiful.

Until next week, thank you all for what you do for Scouting!