Readers may remember Nick Pugh from his days hosting Culinary Court with Martha Taylor at Tarleton State University.

Pugh, a former attorney in Stephenville, now lives in Weatherford where he teaches political science at Weatherford College.

And yes, he still likes to cook. 

In fact, Nick and his wife Jessica have turned their passion for food into a unique business, Salt Horse Culinary.

The couple will come to your home or business to cater any special occasion, turning food into an exercise in entertainment and instruction.

“We have six kids, and when you have a family as large as ours, food becomes an important component of everyday life,” Nick said. “For some people, food becomes dull, but we don’t do it that way. We enjoy cooking with our kids and explaining to them why we do things the way we do. Preparing food in our home is an event.”

That same premise is a big part of Salt Horse Culinary.

Nick and Jessica both come from culinary backgrounds - their families owned restaurants in New York and Nick received training as a sous chef at El Centro in Dallas. 

He is also known for his cooking demonstrations at Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival and Rhymes and Vines.   

Last year he prepared Louisiana-style oysters as one of his demonstrations.

“That experience - that connection between food and knowledge is very important,” Nick said. “I like to walk people through it, we like the educational aspect of cooking.” 

In fact, it was the Taylor family who helped the couple make the decision to start Salt Horse Culinary.

“They were a powerful motivator for us,” Nick said.  

Larry Joe Taylor is a big fan of the couple’s cooking and Salt Horse Culinary.

“Nick not only makes everything taste great, he can tell you why it tastes great,” Taylor said. “Nick Pugh is the best chef, period. I would stand up on Emeril's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.”

If you’re interested in hiring Salt Horse Culinary for your foodie experience, give them a call to discuss the occasion and your interests. 

“We can also just cater, if people prefer that,” Nick said. “But we have found that it’s considerably more fun for guests when they can interact with us and learn about the food, history and preparation. 

“Then they get to eat!”

For more information about Salt Horse Culinary, call 682-302-2272 or email