We are just a couple weeks away from the largest outdoor music event in Texas, and we could not be more excited.

We want everyone at LJT Fest to have fun, our No. 1 priority is that you stay safe. We have plenty of resources on site to help ensure safety and that you receive the help you need if something goes awry.

Stay hydrated

Drink water (and other nonalcoholic beverages), even before you’re thirsty. Water makes your brain and body work, and you need them both to enjoy LJT. Not a water drinker? Try sports drinks, iced tea or anything else without alcohol. Foods like apples, watermelon, pineapple and cucumber are like tasty mini water-bottles.

Most vendors and all of our T-Bird’s bar locations sell water, plus we offer free water stations at the merch booth and outside of T-Bird’s main bar.

Secure your belongings

The LJT vibe is a beautiful thing, but please remember that you are in the middle of a city of 50,000 people, so…

• Lock your valuables in your car. A tent fly isn’t exactly a locked door.

• Be aware of your surroundings. Know where you’re going and who’s around you.

• Practice a “neighborhood watch.” If you see something, say something. We have staff and security patrolling the campgrounds each day, so look for a member of LJT’s security team and clue them in.

No friend left behind

If one of your crew is out of it, is heading for trouble or is vulnerable for any other reason, you have friendship duties to fulfill. Stay close and see them through it. Or if needed, get help from one of our nearby staff members or security officers.


We’ve teamed up with the Tarleton community for the second year on our #SafeLJT Campaign. This movement creates awareness of safety principles and encourages everyone to look out for each other.

Even if someone you don’t know appears to need help, pitch in. We have over 200 staff and security members on our team, and like in any other large city of 50,000 people, they cannot be everywhere at once. That’s why we rely on you to “say something” to one of us if you see things that require our immediate attention.

Our team is trained and instructed to assist you upon request, so do not hesitate to ask for help no matter how busy they may seem.

When you arrive at LJT, grab one of our FREE #SafeLJT wristbands at the the merch booth!

Weather we like it or not

It’s April in Texas, which means pretty much anything….heat, rain, snow, wind. Plus it’s an outdoor venue, so we get what we get.

We do hire a full time meteorologist who monitors the weather and keeps us informed of any potential storms, gives us daily/hourly reports and provides advance notice of any dangerous conditions we need to prepare for.

We will keep you informed on bad weather, but remember to protect yourself - pack a hat, rain boots, jackets, sweatshirts, breathable clothing and plenty of water. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen early and often.

Emergency medical staff

Our EMS tent is located next to the main office, just east of T-Birds Garage Pub. We also have staff, police officers, and additional security stationed at each campground, so in an emergency, if you’re not near the medical tent, find a staff person with a radio or notify the nearest security personnel so that they can get you whatever help you may need.

Free rides by calling 254-300-7558

If you’re of legal age, you can bring alcohol for your own enjoyment. Providing alcohol to minors is illegal, and those in violation will be subject to arrest and removal from the festival grounds.

As always, do not drink and drive – we have over 4,000 campsites here, plus the “Jesus Bus” is available with up to 20 vans to transport intoxicated individuals safely to their homes after enjoying the festival. This is a free service provided by Jesus Crew Ministry and Anytime Fitness.