RICHARDSON, Texas (AP) — A Dallas-area church has distributed fliers advertising a series of weekly seminars it plans to host condemning "dangerous isms" like Judaism, Islamism and liberalism.
Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson says in the fliers that the Wednesday seminars will "provide a proper response for the Christian."
Pulpit minister Shelton Gibbs III told The Dallas Morning News that the wording used in advertising could have been better, but that other faiths run counter to God's order to follow Jesus Christ.
He says other topics, such as racism or sexism, won't be discussed because "there are only so many Wednesdays in a summer."
The fliers prompted a social media backlash but Gibbs says the church doesn't mean to criticize or antagonize others.
Atheism, alcoholism and "emotionalism" are other seminar topics.