Claire Bise, the 28-year-old Somervell County resident whose July 2 death led to her mother’s arrest on a murder charge, wrote on a GoFundMe page seven months ago about the trials of suffering from a painful, rare disease known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Claire’s mother, Catherine Forslee Bise, was arrested at her home near Glen Rose by Somervell County sheriff’s deputies after they received a 911 call on July 2 and charged with Claire’s murder. Claire was pronounced dead at 3:12 that morning by Justice of the Peace Ronnie Webb.

Catherine Bise remains in custody with a $1 million bond on the first-degree murder count.

So far, Sheriff Alan West has not indicated that investigators have uncovered a motive in the murder, but the compelling description Claire wrote on her GoFundMe page may give at least a glimpse into the desperate — and seemingly hopeless — situation Claire had been facing. The GoFundMe post, which states that a little over $6,000 had been raised toward a goal of $40,000, notes that Claire had moved in with her mother after she became unable to continue working and living on her own.

A family member, contacted through a friend of the family Monday night, provided the following comment: "Our response for now is that we do not want to make any remarks or talk about Claire's illness at this time. This is, as everyone understands, a very sensitive situation and for now we feel it would be inappropriate for us to talk about it at this time."

Claire’s gripping GoFundMe post describes her major symptoms as “spontaneous dislocation of joints, ruptures in soft tissue and organs, severe joint and muscle pain, and various physical deformities.”

She indicated that EDS is not a terminal disease, but there is no known cure. She explained that it is degenerative “and it can be debilitating.”

Her vivid description goes on to tell about that in great detail.

“By the time I entered my twenties my body had started to completely fall apart. Starting with my shoulders spontaneously dislocating … And it’s just a matter of time before it gets worse,” the entry states. “Not long after my (right) shoulder went out, my ribs started dislocating too. I get violent spasms that force the ribs out of place and often push them out so far they can be seen through the skin, making the skin red and tender to the touch. Just the bottom ones at first but then the instability spread up into my sternum and chest.

“My fingers, thumbs, wrists, ankles, hips and feet also dislocate, or move off track enough to cause severe pain on a daily basis. And along with the structural issues I have, my bladder has also been a victim of the cascading failure that is my body.

“Also due to my extremely elastic tissue, my bladder stretches and stretches until it creates pockets of weak areas, or tears, that cause bacteria to build up and give me kidney/bladder infections so bad I have now had sepsis 3 times. Once to the point of early stage kidney failure.

“It’s become an annual event to have my bladder flushed out by my urologist and every time my bladder fills up with infection, that infection leaks out of the weak spots and sends open wounds all over my body. I had 71 (open wounds) as of 11/17/2017.”

The post asked for donations to help with the expenses she was undergoing, such as costly CT scans that ranged as high as $700 each.

Claire’s GoFundMe post noted that she used an old picture of herself as a teen for the fundraising campaign “because I miss that girl and like to remember the girl I was. I used to be fun, and down to earth. I was friends with anyone and everyone and was always ready for a good time.

“I had dreams and goals and passions that I used to pursue. Now all I do is teeter from one major health issue to the next, and one chunk of money to the next. When all my friends were spending their twenties partying until they grew out of it, getting married and having kids, or building careers for themselves, I was losing a career to illness, putting my body back together, and collecting medical debt.”

Wiley Funeral Home is handling the process of cremation after the body is returned from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office. The online obituary states that “the celebration of her life will take place during a private memorial held by family and close friends.”

Claire Bise, a 2008 Glen Rose High School graduate, earned a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Bise, born June 2, 1990, had worked at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center for seven years.

The obituary notes that in lieu of flowers, donations to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center can be sent to: 2155 CR 2008, Glen Rose, TX 76043; RE: Claire Bise, in care of Caitlin Pyle.