Editor’s note: Joan Taylor, a coordinator for the Somervell County Historical Research Center, is now writing a column on related topics for the Glen Rose Reporter.

Thank  you for the kudos on our very first column. Now comes the hard part, gleaning the best from the thousands of items we have in the Library.

Stories, tales and memories. We will try to keep it simple, informative and entertaining.

Things have been busy the past weeks. We have traffic from those

passing through on vacations and have had several visitors from Dinosaur State P ark.

I can identify with that. When we were motorhome traveling many of the places we visited were places I had marked for family history and genealogy stops. Otherwise they were planned for the best golf courses. That seemed to work out best for us.

It is exciting to have traveling visitors looking for information. Then we can also share our stories and people. We have had numerous seasoned authors and bu dding authors stop by lately.

This is always a stopping place for those interested telling tales. It is amazing how many retirees are writing stories and books. I find that both interesting and rewarding.


A couple of years ago I received a phone call from a gentleman asking about a particul ar person who once lived in Somervell County.

He said he was writing a short story to present to the Texas

Folklore Society (TFS) meeting, to be held in Odessa. There they give their story and if selected it is published in their book. Then he gave me the name and I knew nothing about the person.

I mentioned it to a cousin, Joe Don Echols, who was always my go-to person for things of the past. Joe thought for a minute and said, “Yes I knew this fellow!” volunteers at the library stay busy. Traffic is much heavier in the summer and holiday seasons. We are still putting new books on the shelves.

We had many that had not been able to be processed due to a computer malfunction. Today we have a new program and they are busy entering their information for each book.

We will continue to be of service to our patrons. We have two volunteers working on getting all our photos in order. There are many photos that are not named. 

One more piece of exciting news. The Waco Genealogy Library coordinator called and invited us to participate in a one-day Fall Genealogy Workshop to be held October.

The best part is that our facility will be able to stream it into our library via wi-fi and we will show it on screen. I have attended many workshops that use this method and it works great.

You will hear more of this soon. It will cover eight different topics. Also, it will be a come and go program with timely information for researching and DNA.

We are hoping to have access by computer for “Ancestry” for the library. This would benefit us and the patrons to be able to work with libraries computers and books at the same time. Genealogy and Family History are stronger than ever due to the DNA boom.

It has grown so much in the past couple of years that is hard to keep up with new technology. Early in my research I felt this would be the avenue it would go, so I rounded up all my families and had them do their DNA.

Today I am so glad as out of the seven there are now four still living, but their DNA is here to stay.

When I first started this path, there was only one lab that did DNA for genealogy. Today there many. I encourage all to do this even if it is just the minimum. It can always be upgraded.

Again, you are invited to drop by and see what is going on at the Somervell Historical & Research Library. Our hours are the same as the Somervell Public Library. It is a nice, cool place to find yourself.

Pun intended.