The downtown square was bustling with vendors, gunslingers and cowpokes of all ages on Saturday.  The day started with a parade led by The American Legion.  

Those attending were able to watch a gunfight on the lawn. The Gunslingers of Granbury gave a brief gun safety before starting the show. The skit included the sheriff and deputy having a fun dialogue and then two outlaws show up to give them a run for their money. 

There was also music and mechanical bull riding with all ages trying to hang on. 

The Glen Rose Legends and Lore were in full character and walked around mingling with the crowd. Catherine Elliott-Walser was happy to pose for pictures.

“I had a snow cone and watched the cowboys fall down! That was funny,” said Leslie Moore, 8.

There was a tee pee set up on the square with Frank Arellano (Running Water) and Jon Spottedhorse. Running water and Spottedhorse had props inside the tee pee and shared Native American stories with the crowd.  

The day ended at Oak Dale park with the movie, High Noon.