GLEN ROSE - On July 20, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center’s giraffe “Nettie” gave birth to her third calf!

That makes five giraffe calves born at Fossil Rim since January 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for the tall toddler in our Game Preserve pasture.

“Our giraffe ‘Nettie’ fortunately had labor go smoothly, and the calf was out within two-and-a-half hours of the first report,” said giraffe caretaker Molly Shea. “It was standing to nurse within two hours after birth. This is Nettie’s third calf and she’s handling everything like an experienced champ.”

Nettie’s previous calves include “Demitri” in 2017 and “Nyla” in 2015. This calf joins “Stretch” with a July birthday, considering that male was born on July 28 in 2017. This latest calf is the fifth offspring for our breeding bull “Mosi” since he arrived from the El Paso Zoo in 2014.

Fossil Rim now has a dozen giraffes in its tower (herd).