Fundraising for Jesse and Jamie McClure — whose Simple Simon’s Pizza restaurant caught fire in June and was a total loss — was no less than spectacular.

Despite those positive gestures, Jamie McClure said the loss — which happened while she and her husband were in Colorado on vacation — was overwhelming.

Jamie McClure told the Glen Rose Reporter that so far they have received approximately $15,000 from a spaghetti supper and an auction held in July at Chachi’s Mexican Restaurant, along with some private donations.

Another Glen Rose business, Twenty-nine: Eleven T’s, was selling T-shirts with the “Simply Save Simon” slogan that the fundraising effort used. A percentage of those T-shirt sales were to be presented to the McClures at the July fundraiser.

There is also a similarly-named GoFundMe page online.

“It was overwhelming and humbling to see that amount of love,” Jamie McClure said. “Money’s still coming in. We are overwhelmed and grateful. There’s so many of you to thank. We can’t wait to get back in business and serve you in the future.”

But although the fundraising has been terrific, the McClures are undecided about what to do. Jamie said they want to start another Simple Simon’s franchise, but aren’t sure where.

The owner of the lot has made them an offer.

“He’s offering to rebuild on or sell the land, as-is,” Jamie said. “That’s a big decision to make. Two realtors are looking to see what options we have. We don’t want to leave Glen Rose. We want to reopen here. This is where our customers are.”

Jamie said they had just spent about $8,000 remodeling the restaurant’s dining area. She had just put up two large paintings — including a “Jaws”-like shark biting a pizza — to help with the decoration process, but all was lost.

“It was just devastating,” she said.

The McClures did have insurance coverage on the contents of the building including their restaurant equipment plus loss of wages.

Jamie McClure stated, “The insurance company called it accidental.”

The building owner’s insurance company also ruled the same way, she said.

“They determined it to be accidental,” Jamie said.

Simple Simon’s has more than 300 other restaurant franchise locations in the United States, Jamie said.