Shortly after reading about Joseph Scott Hatley’s release from prison, one of his victims began reliving the nightmare she survived and wrote down her feelings. She shared her thoughts in a document emailed to the E-T.

Here are a few of the excerpts from that document.

I’m the 16 year old who after all these years is still hiding after 32 years. Hiding in fear, hiding for my life. Wondering if he is around the corner or just walked the same street I did. Since 1986 I have been in fear of my life.

(Eleven) years I got to live while he was in prison. Now that was taken away when Scott walked free. Scott is free to walk any road and inch of this Earth without fear. Yet I’m not. Victims aren’t set free. We are victimized all over again by the Justice System.

I could tell you every second of my rape. I can remember every punch in the head, face, ears, chest, and thigh area. Every time he would hold my head in the dirt or water.

I remember being knocked out over and over. Him smoking a cigarette and drinking his alcohol. The smell of his breathe on me while raping me over and over again.

The words he said to me, the story he told me about Susan. He throwing me around like a rag doll. The choking me ’til I passed out over and over again.

This didn’t just happen in seconds it happened in hours. Hours of pain, hours of being dragged through grass, dirt, water.

Hours of being raped over and over again…

Just when I thought he was done he would start up again. The pain of being hit over and over again. The music he played while raping me and torturing me still today stops me in my tracks.

By the Grace of God I lived through this. He spared my life unlike Susan. That night I learned about Susan. He said “He wasn’t scared of killing me, He did it once before.”

Many times I would wake up from being passed out to him raping me again. I did everything I could to get him to stop. Nothing stopped this monster. No words, no pleading. Nothing stopped him. This wasn’t the man I dated before. This was a monster. Scott is a monster.

After the rape Scott did take me close to home. All awhile I hid my face from him in the truck. I could tell my face was swollen and bruised.

I told him that I wouldn’t say it was him. I convinced him to set me free. Little did I know I would still carry the fear. He did let me go. I ran when I got out of the truck. Every ounce of my body hurt.

I honestly couldn’t see 2 inches in front of me. I walked in and collapsed in my stepfather’s arms. They rushed me to the hospital where the (doctors) said I was lucky to be alive.

I laid on the cold X-ray machine. I had clumps of hair coming off my head. My head had bumps over bumps. It hurt so bad to lay there.

I stayed in the hospital for a few days. The pain medicine couldn’t knock out the pain. I’m not talking mental pain, by that time I was numb to what I just lived through.


My life was spared.