Texas Amphitheater was alive with music and passion on Thursday night. The Promise had its first dress rehearsal and exclusive showing to the press for the upcoming 2018 season.

The Promise is celebrating 30 years by ushering in a new era of giving the greatest story ever told new scripts, updated sets and even new music written by Director Chuck King and his creative partners, Robert and Elizabeth Muren.

King’s long tenure as a resident in Israel greatly influenced his vision and approach to the production. King has added a subtitle, Son of David, in keeping with historical Jewish perspective. There is also an authentic Jewish bazaar and a look into what a Jewish family life would have been like in 1st-Century Jerusalem. The audience is transported back in time, yet there are storylines that are pivotal to today.

The performances and set direction were dazzling and dynamic. 

Robert Twaddell is the actor in the title role of Jesus replacing Adam Richards of Granbury, who played the Son of David for 11 years. Twaddell is a DFW based actor, but loves his family at The Promise and in Glen Rose. Twaddell, as Jesus, was charismatic and humble. Twaddell has been with the production for five years but took last year off after playing the role of Satan the previous year.

“The role was physically demanding and just took a toll on me emotionally so I needed to take a year off,” Twaddell said.

When asked about the performance on Thursday night Twaddell said, “I was extremely touched stepping out on stage with my family and seeing friends faces. Nothing could have prepared me for that.” 

“I hope that the audience sees how powerful the redemption of Jesus Christ is through our performances,” Twaddell said. 

King explained that he understands the responsibility of keeping the integrity and the traditions of The Promise while making changes and he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. 

“I am totally confident about it and I say that because it’s not me but what God gave me to do these changes,” King said. “That’s what I stand on and I just hope that people are blessed by it and receive the message that Jesus came to love.”