Pack 725 Cub Scouts blasted into the new season with a community event held at the Glen Rose Soccer Park last week.

Table demos included the Pinewood Derby, Rocket Academy, Coin boxes, Camping, Advancement and Recognition. Each table showing some of the various activities future Scouts would be able to enjoy during the year.

The Pinewood Derby Car race is scheduled in the early Spring close to the Blue and Gold Banquet. This year’s track will be a new and improved track held at the First Baptist Church.

The Coin boxes were a great project done by the Bear Scouts and the finished products displayed both beginner and advanced carpentry skills. The Cub Scouts involved will have their very own awesome coin banks.

Camping is a staple with the Cub Scouts and learning the finesse of the basic tenets of camping makes for a fulfilling experience for everyone.

This year we are welcoming girls into the Cub Scouts, and more are needed to make a proper den.

We look forward to the fun memories having girls learn all about scouting.