The word ‘mascot’ originates from the French term ‘mascotte’ which means lucky charm. A school mascot is used not only as a physical representation of the school, but also to bring luck and encourage a “fighting spirit.”

The mascot is usually an animal or as in the case of the Nebraska Cornhuskers mascot, Herbie Husker. Herbie is an updated version of the farmer representing the agriculture state the university calls home. 

Mascots are important to a school especially here in Texas where Friday night lights is life. The Reporter sat down with GRHS mascot Tuffy to find out a little more about the fireball on the sidelines.

Tuffy’s identity is a secret and is usually revealed at the last football game. Tuffy is a freshman and has been the mascot since the beginning of the year.

Tuffy has other duties besides cheering on the Tigers from the sidelines.

Tuffy arrives early on Friday mornings at the intermediate and elementary campuses. Tuffy and the cheerleaders open the car doors for students. The cheerleaders assist the students out of the car and Tuffy will high five or hug each student and send them off with a smile. Tuffy and the gang also visit businesses as well as the Cherokee Nursing home.

 “My favorite thing about being Tuffy is that I get to make people laugh,” said Tuffy.