Pack 725 is proud to add two new girls to the Pack, Vivienne and Marley Vermenlen. They will be our first girls included in the Cub Scout Pack 725 since the inclusion started in 2017. Cub Scouts has always been about family, including the entire family.

In fact, the new slogan, “Scout Me In,” is saying we are all included to enjoy the benefits that Cub Scouts has to offer, focusing on the Core Values of Scouting, family, fun, and the great outdoors. In Pack 725, here at Glen Rose, we are excited for each Scout to learn and grow in their respective dens.

Within our Cub Scout pack, dens meet a few times a month, with each den focusing on grade-specific adventures, advancements and badges.

For the time being, our dens will be co-ed, until we get enough girls to make their own den. Once a month, the dens all meet as a pack for an all-grade, all-gender activity.

Our first pack meeting will be held Sept. 20 at Raingutter Regatta, where the Scouts will be blowing their little sailboats in a race down the rain gutter.

In October, our meeting will be an all-out pet show where each Scout brings their favorite pets for show and tell.

We hope more children join the Cub Scout Pack 725, as we enjoy these meetings, making friends and memories for a lifetime.