The city council had a full house Monday night with members of SCRAM (Somervell County Residents Against Mining) there to give support for a resolution expressing opposition to the installation and operation of a portable rock crusher at 1346 CR 401 in Somervell County by Ingram Concrete, LLC.

Tonya Fonseca, a concerned citizen who helped form SCRAM, spoke to the council about how the rock crusher would impact not only the environment but property values and tourism.

She explained that this is not a personal attack on anyone’s rights on what they can do with their personal property but the group is asking that elected officials do whatever is in their power to protect the county and citizens from the negative impact of the installation.

SCRAM speakers also pointed out that not only will large truck traffic increase but also the trucks will be running 24/7. 

“The environmental impact is not just happening locally, but across the state. There are two male bald eagles here in the county and with the noise and lights they are not going to want to stay here,” said Robert Hawkins.

“I’ve talked with some of the local shop owners and they have stated the dust from the trucks is bad and now it will be even worse with the increased mining traffic. I’m suggesting two air pollution monitors be put in place. One for the city and one for the county,” said councilman Chris Bryant.

The city council voted unanimously to approve the resolution and to help the coalition take action on getting other government support.

“I and the coalition are very pleased with the responses from the county and city officials. They are receptive to a town meeting so that everyone can hear what is going on in our county and what impact this will have on the entire area. There are currently 6,300 acres in Somervell County alone being mined. This needs to stop so we just joined so that we can take this to the state level. We realize that’s where our voices will really need to make a difference and get this stopped,” said Fonseca.

“I am very unhappy about this rock crusher installation. I am an asthmatic and I live south of the area they want to mine. I am a homeowner and longtime resident of Somervell County and it gives me hope that the city council and commissioners are going to help us take this to another level,” said Linda Steinberger.