We have had an unusual number of visitors in the Center this past month. Visitors from near and far away stopped by.

We are now at the end of our first year in our new home. What a year it has been! We finally have the library arranged to suit our needs. The volunteers have worked so hard to get it organized so the visitors and the staff can get to everything with ease. We have Internet so many are bringing their laptops and tablets in and working on their research here at the library. The furthest inquiry this month was from Vancouver, Canada. It was a challenge, but the staff was able to discover all avenues and though the question was not resolved, the hunt was a good experience.

We had two families who stopped by to purchase the Somervell History Book that was published in 2010. We have a few left in stock so if you are interested in purchasing one please let me know. They have everything you need to know about Somervell County, History, photos, and families.

 This is a very exciting time for the Somervell Historical Library and Research Center. Early last month, just after the July column we received a call from Bill Buckner, Coordinator of the Waco Genealogy Library. He extended an invitation to the Somervell Historical Library to join the Genealogy Network of Texas (GNT) and the Waco Library in a statewide one-day Workshop. The workshop will be held on October 19, 2018. We will be included in a 40-library event for this one-day, via the Network. What an event this will be for those interested in Texas family history and preservation of our family histories. Topics to be presented will address a range from Genealogy to DNA and the “how to’s” in finding records of interest. The event will be open to the public and there is no cost. Each topic will be hosted by some of the top-notch libraries in the state. There will be something for a beginner and the seasoned genealogist. Also, it is a “come and go” event. Each topic will last about an hour and you will be able to ask and have your entire question answered by live hosts streamed from the GNT network. To reserve your seat just call 254-897-9073 or stop by the Somervell Historical Library.

We are looking forward to the DNA topic at the workshop. It is most interesting and something I happened to start back in 2000. Back when it was new. I am so glad I garnered DNA from all my male people at that time as three have already passed on. I am still finding relatives through their legacy. I am glad we now have an avenue for the women to trace through their DNA. This broadens the spectrum and lets us find even more of the missing links. I remember when I first started genealogy and a seasoned genealogist asked me this question, “How do you know who you are, if you don’t know who you are?” At the time I thought that was a joke. Today I am still thinking how smart that person was.

We are also making appointments for those who want to begin their search for their families. We have the forms for recording your family history and we have many family histories that are already available to shared. You can bring your laptops and tablets and begin your tree.

A group of ladies from Parker County were visiting Glen Rose on Saturday. They came to see the museum and Barnards Mill. They called to see if they could take a peek at our library. They will be back to do research. They complimented our library and plan to attend our workshop. They were amazed at the historical events, recovered historical homes and the quality of our museum.

We should be so proud of our history and those who have the time and interest to see them preserved for the future generations. Computers can record the history, but it is nothing like hearing it from someone who can tell the stories.

We have so many stories, so many photos, notebooks, historical events and the newspapers on microfilm. These are priceless treasures. We are fortunate to have those who just drop by to tell us another story. Surprisingly there are still many to be told that we have not heard.

Our staff is made up volunteers and they stay busy. We do have a new volunteer who is a seasoned genealogist. She has families that lived here in the early days of Somervell County and she now lives in one of our historic homes. Stop by and welcome her to Glen Rose.

Don’t forget to drop by or call 254-897-9073 if you have questions in participating in this unique workshop.