This week is our Pack’s first meeting and we will be having a fun activity for all our Cub Scouts and family members.   

Cub Scouts are busy preparing their sailboats for the human rendered wind to blow the boats to the finish line. Yes, the Scouts will puff through small straws the necessary force to propel these Scout (and family) made boats over water. These little boats made of balsa wood, trimaran style, and sail will conquer the seas for their seafaring captains and be much rewarded.

Family will be judges for all the entrants and hand out awards such as “Most Nautical,” and “Least likely to Sink,” as well as, “Most Creative,” and “Best Paint Job.”  

All our Scouts will be handed an authentic Sea Captain Certificate. The fun will not stop there, for our new Scouts will see many advancement badges, and belt loops handed out. Pictures of the fun will be in next week’s Reporter.

September’s Scout Law Theme is “Trustworthy.”  Each month is a different Scout Law Theme.  We will learn at the Pack Meeting the tenant of being trustworthy.  Stephen R. Covey said, “If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy.” A Scout is trustworthy, a Scout is loved by many people, family, friends, teachers.  They are trustworthy because they believe in what they can do.  They do not let the limits dictate to them.  They will go as far as they can go. They will conquer as much as they can.  They will do the best they can do. 

Scouts are trustworthy because the day offers so much for them to do, and they show no fear.  They embrace adventure without ineptitude.  Family members trust their Scouts wholeheartedly to learn, love, and embrace all the world has to offer, be it knowledge of camping, survival, community service or life in general.

Our trustworthy Scouts are the pride of the community, and maintaining a Pack by the chartered organization, the First United Methodist Church of Glen Rose, shows the power of that trust.  We thank our church, and we thank our community for their trust in us.