GLEN ROSE — After what he considered a yearlong battle, Republican Dwayne Johnson received nearly 85 percent of the vote in the recent election to become Somervell County’s Precinct 2 commissioner.

“It was a long, hard fight,” he said. “I look forward to getting the opportunity to get in there and trying to help.”

Johnson, who has lived in the county for 13 years, received 921 votes (84.65 percent) to Democrat Judy Nawrocki’s 167 votes (15.35 percent) to win the election that concluded Tuesday night.

Johnson received 692 votes to Nawrocki’s 128 in the early voting period and 229 on Election Day to Nawrocki’s 39. 

Overall, Johnson was pleased with the voter turnout for all the races.

“It shows that people in Somervell County care,” he said. “We had a large turnout for the primary’s and the runoff with Richard (Talavera). People in Somervell County are concerned, and they want to make sure they are taken care of.”

The date and time for the canvassing of the vote has yet to be determined. Johnson is replacing John Curtis. 

“I am prepared for what’s coming,” Johnson said. “I am used to dealing with the public and I’m used to running a business, so I am looking at the perimeters of it and looking to where I can step in and come up with some ideas to make it better for Somervell County.”