GLEN ROSE — The Somervell County Sheriff’s Office has seen a drop in several major crime categories in 2018, and Sheriff Alan West said it can be attributed to the cooperation and support of several organizations.

“I think a lot of it has to do with our guys being out and about and being visible,” he said. “But the more important thing is our court systems from the district down to the county and the JPs are making people accountable for their actions.”

Year to date, the SCSO is reporting 217 burglaries (297 in 2017); 39 criminal mischief (71 in 2017); 42 domestic violence in progress (82 in 2017); 108 harassment (146 in 2017); and 401 reckless drivers (481 in 2017). The SCSO has seen an increase in assaults rise from 14 in 2017 to 25 so far this year, and DUIs rise from none in 2017 to three so far in 2018.

“Our major crime offense and criminal mischief and things have really decreased,” he said. “The volume is here. You look at all the people at the hotels and the state parks and Fossil Rim, and our guys are busy.”

This year, the SCSO has responded to 14,463 calls, down from 18,279 from this time last year. In 2017, it responded to 21,532 and 19,038 in 2016.

“We have the tollway to the east of us, so our entire volume is not going to stop,” he said. “Glen Rose is known for tourism.”

Also of note, drug-related incidents are down from 42 to 39, while motor vehicle accidents are down from 180 to 125, and motor vehicle accidents with injuries are down from 136 to 86. 

With the sheriff’s office being more vigilant as well as the county residents, he’s hoping to see the numbers continue to fall.

“Glen Rose is about everybody watching out for each other,” he said. “We’re a tight-knit, small community that everyone loves, and if we can watch out for each other and be proactive and our guys being out there in these places then it’s going to cut back on the predators who are just waiting for that opportunity.”

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, the chance for crime could increase, he said, and reminded everyone to stay alert to their surroundings.

“Holiday season is coming around and we want everyone to watch out for their neighbors and watch out for the increased traffic on the highways,” he said.