In the Cub Scout Pack meeting last week, the Scout Law Theme was “helpful.” A Scout is helpful, and does things willingly for other people without pay or reward. A Scout is concerned about other people.  Using the holiday Thanksgiving as an example, Scouts learned that human beings naturally are helpful, and helping others with their crops, or hunting, or cooking, are all important not only for social well being, but also for personal grace.

Helping others makes you feel good about yourself.  The key we teach our Scouts is to do without the expectations of pay or rewards.  An unknown poet said it succinctly what being helpful and friendly truly is by saying it this way:

The greatest gifts you'll ever give

Though with them never part,

Are simply these:

A helping hand,

A friendly smile,

And a selfless, loving heart.

With these wonderful lessons our Scouts learned, they tackled a service project in the Dinosaur Valley State Park with Park Ranger Asa Vermeulen.  

The Webelos 1 Den removed litter from the trails during a 3 mile hiking requirement during this busy holiday week. Cleaning litter from nature's trails are very helpful, and the Scouts did so without expectations. Fun, camaraderie, and doing a good turn daily all were natural rewards these Scouts had in return for their service.