GLEN ROSE — With the graduation of two new Somervell County Sheriff’s Office deputies from the police academy, the SCSO and Glen Rose ISD are one step closer to adding a full-time deputy to each of the four district campuses.

Somervell County Sheriff Alan West swore in Kory Toney and Jess Ramirez on Friday, Nov. 17, and they have begun their field training, and West expects them to have that completed and be ready for their new assignments within the department in January or February of next year. 

West said GRISD superintendent Wayne Rotan approached the SCSO around a year ago with the request of adding an SRO each campus.

“It will add a lot when it comes to the safety of our students and staff, and that’s our No. 1 priority,” Rotan said. 

For the last 18 months, the SCSO has been covering campuses with two SROs and covering the other two with off-duty deputies. Now, when all the new SROs are in place, more continuity will abound.

“Now those guys can stay on that campus every day and get to know the kids and get to know the faculty,” West said. “When it comes down to stopping something bad from happening, the rapport you have with these kids may be the next thing that stops something.”

Sgt. Shane Tipton, who also teaches law enforcement classes at Glen Rose High School, will oversee the four-person team.

“There are some many hours that we can work and still take care of our families,” Tipton said. “With four being on — especially here at the high school with something going on almost every night — those guys will learn the kids, and get the trust of the kids and parents, and it will help us with some personal time with our families.” 

In addition, West said when the district’s sports teams make it to the playoffs, at least one SRO will accompany the team on the trip, and additional personnel will assist in that effort as well.

“Most of the venues we go to have security on site, but you still have a bus trip there and getting in and out of hotels and other places,” West said.