GLEN ROSE — The elimination of two key positions within the city and the restructuring of the office of the city secretary will save the city of Glen Rose close to $90,000 a year, said City Administrator Michael Leamons.

“A couple of years ago, the city created more of these department head positions and other positions inside the city, increasing the size of the staff,” Leamons said. “Some of the city council members who have come back were on (the council) prior to those changes, and they felt like the city didn’t need that level of staffing, so these steps were taken to try to bring things back a little bit.”

The city will no longer have a finance director or a manager at Oakdale Park. 

The appointment of Leamons, who was the manager at Oakdale Park prior to his move to city administrator earlier this year, and the October resignation of finance director Sherry Reeves opened the door for the streamlining at city hall.

“The city is still going to have more staff than it did before those changes two years ago, but it’s not going to be as much,” Leamons said. “I think the changes are going to be very good. It’s going to save the taxpayers money with personnel, and the people who have been promoted from within have really improved morale and created a very friendly work environment.”

Last month, Stephanie Ritchie, who was working in the code enforcement and building department, was promoted to city secretary, replacing Terri Johnson, who resigned in October.

In addition to her regular city secretary duties, Ritchie will manage human resources and oversee a newly created deputy city secretary position, and Rosario Sosol is expected to move into that position, where she will act as the city treasurer. 

“The City Council has approved those positions, so we have job descriptions written up for them and an organizational chart it approved shows those positions,” Leamons said.

Kristen Gibson, who worked at the Events Coordinator for the Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau, will now absorb the hospitality, scheduling and swimming pool responsibilities of the Oakdale Park manager as the Events & Hospitality Director, while the maintenance and infrastructure end of the duties will be moved under public works, Leamons said.

Gibson will officially move into that capacity sometime this month, and she will permanently office from Oakdale Park.

No replacement will be hired to replace Gibson at the CVB, however, the administrative position left by Ritchie in Code Enforcement will need to be filled, Leamons said.