The Tiger 44s team of Kennedy Graue, Casey Mikulenka, Charlie Outen, Sophia Veno placed first in Bread and Cereal at the District 8 4-H Food Show and Food Challenge at the Bell County Expo Center on Dec. 12.

The Pink Foodmingos team of Caitlyn Frush, Kalie Paxton and Kinley Reynolds also had a stellar finish by placing second in Main Dish as well as the Spirit Award. 

In individual competition, Kate Reedy place second in Main Food Dish and Mikulenka placed fifth in Nutritious Snack. 

Also competing were Payton Alexander (Immediate Main Dish); Sidny Hardcastle (Junior Main Dish) and Sophia Veno (Junior Bread and Cereal).


Glen Rose senior volleyball players Bryanna Lytle, Libby Hinton and Mallory Rogers were named to the Texas Girls Coaches Association Academic All-State team.


Glen Rose scored 1,071 points to win the District 7-4A UIL Academic meet Dec. 4 in Hillsboro. Godley was distant second (708), followed by Brownwood (651).

Also, the eight grade earned 331 points followed by Brownwood (235); the seventh grade earned 384 points followed Godley (304); and the sixth grade earned 356 points followed by Brownwood (272).

A total of 107 GRISD students participated in the event along with sponsors Charla Arendt; Brittany Carter; Courtney Cordova; Rachael Cook; Tracy Deason; Charity Hatley; Ben Holmes; Kathy Howell; Judy May; Barry Payne; Kathy Osterson; Sharon Riggs; Stephanie Rotan; Patty Snodgrass; Kristy Snow; Trish Starr; Kendra Taylor; Rachel Truss; Elisha Watkins; and Janet Yeager. 


In the first two meets of the Overall Division of Class 4A, the Spelling team took fourth and second, respectively, while the Science team took ninth in the first meet; Current Events placed fourth and second, respectively; and Number Sense placed 10th in the second meet.

The third virtual meet of the meet will be Jan. 26 in Brock. The UIL Academic District Meet will be held March 27 in Mineral Wells.

Second Virtual Meet

4A Spelling – 2nd Place Team
Addelynn Lumpkins; Ashlynn Perry; Ushma Dhakal
Overall Spelling
Addelynn Lumpkins – 44th
4A Spelling
Addelynn Lumpkins – 4th; Ashlynn Perry – 6th; Ushma Dhakal – 27th
9th Grade Spelling
Addelynn Lumpkins – 9th; Ushma Dhakal – 16th

10th Grade Spelling
Ashlynn Perry – 18th

Science Results
4A Science
Noah Phillips – 27th

4A Biology
Nandni Solanki – 28th

4A Physics
Noah Phillips – 10th

9th Grade Science
Nandni Solanki – 16th
9th Grade Biology
Nandni Solanki – 7th

Number Sense
4A Number Sense – 10th Place Team
Noah Phillips; Carson Osborne; Bryan Pounds

Current Events
4A Current Events – 4th Place Team
Hope Jones; Amanda Mao; Garett Davis
Overall Current Events
Hope Jones – 20th

4A Current Events
Hope Jones – 3rd; Amanda Mao – 14th

10th Grade Current Events
Hope Jones – 4th; Amanda Mao – 12th

First Spelling Virtual Meet 

4A Spelling – 4th Place Team
Addelynn Lumpkins; Ashlynn Perry; Amanda Mao

4A Spelling
Addelynn Lumpkins – 7th; Ashlynn Perry – 12th; Amanda Mao – 14th

9th Grade Spelling
Addelynn Lumpkins – 8th; 10th Grade Spelling; Ashlynn Perry – 21st; Amanda Mao – 24th

4A Science – 9th Place Team
Noah Phillips; Shrutti Bagale; Laura Ogletree
4A Science
Noah Phillips – 20th

4A Biology
Shruti Bagale – 9th

4A Chemistry
Noah Phillips – 11th
4A Physics
Noah Phillips – 21st
9th Grade Science
Shruti Bagale – 16th
9th Grade Biology
Shruti Bagale – 6th
Nandni Solanki – 23rd

Current Events
4A Current Events – 4th Place Team
Hope Jones; Amanda Mao; Harrison Hawkins

4A Current Events
Hope Jones – 11th; Amanda Mao – 19th; Harrison Hawkins – 27th

10th Grade Current Events
Hope Jones – 15th; Amanda Mao – 26th

UIL Results Second Grade

Storytelling (Coach Denise Lane)

Cora Miller — 1st; Crey Rosson — 2nd; Ellie Morris, member

Oral Reading (Coach Mandy Gosdin)

Levi Franell — 1st; Brynlee Templeton — 2nd; Willow Robinson — 3rd

Creative Writing (Coach Lynne Dillard)

Cody Roberts — 2nd; Emma Yuille — 4th; Sterling Stewart — 6th

Music Memory (Coach Missy Freas)

Team — 1st 

Ellie Teaff — tie 1st; Liberty Green — tie 1st; Aaleigha Jimenez — 4th

Spelling (Coach Clarie Downing)

Team — 1st 

Evan Turner — 1st; Kyli Karnes — 2nd; Mikayla Adkins — 4th

Chess Puzzles (Coach Michelle Horn)

Team — 1st

Patterson Prescott — tie 1st; Logan Huey — tie first; Hoy Dempsey — 5th