GLEN ROSE — Christian Hurtado always knew he had a penchant for writing, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that he realized it was for creating music.

Since then, the Glen Rose High School senior has run with it.

“Discovering this talent was a surprise to me, but it also felt natural,” he said. “I knew I had a special connection with music based on how I listen to it and how it affects me. So when I actually started working on it, it made sense.”

Just last week, he had his first two singles appear on iTunes — “It’s My Job” and “Shock.” He is also on Spotify.

“I have always felt outside the box as a person,” he said. “I’m introverted and being an artist has helped me express myself more, and that’s amazing.”

The inspiration for “Shock” came while he was sitting in class and something the teacher said sparked his attention, and he immediately began putting words to paper.

“I just started writing the chorus,” he said. “When I have the basics of the chorus, I will start on the verses. Verses are much easier for me. Choruses are the hard part. That’s where I need inspiration from my environment.”

At first, he tried a couple of different names for himself when he first broke into the business like Creative Mind and Catalyst, but he decided to use his name for his label, so people will know who he is. 

“I think part of it (early) was I really wanted to focus on being someone else. I wanted the artistry inside of me to be expressed in a different person — almost like an alter ego,” he said. 

Then he came the realization that, “I’m the person doing this, and I just need to be me. It’s nice being comfortable with my title.”

Although he can write multiple genres, he said right now he only performs rap. He also wants to learn to play the keyboard and learn chord production.

“I like hype. I like to have a lot of energy in my music,” he said. “I like to get people’s heads nodding when they listen to my music.”

In addition to rap, he’s dabbled with rock with his friend Dillon Cunningham and his group Kings and Vices. Hurtado’s first appearance in a professional piece — “The Mess” — came with Kings and Vices, and it was a fusion of rock and rap. 

Right now, he has just two tracks, but he’s hoping to release an EP sometime early next year.

“I can’t predict my creativity because I’ll have sparks at the most random times. I can’t predict where my mind will go,” he said. “I am hoping to branch out. I like what I’m in and the style I’m doing, but I want to be extremely diverse. I want to have a collection of music that people can listen to when they are in need of something specific.”

In addition, he’ll be performing at The Showcase Tour at The Prophet Bar in Dallas in May with the hope of getting more traction in the business.

“I want to be heard,” said Hurtado, who keeps his music clean. “I want to affect people positively. I want to do to others what other musicians have done to me.”