An apparent lightning strike on the gas tanks at Pinnergy just inside the Hood County the day after Christmas closed Highway 56 for nearly two hours while crews, which included the Somervell County Fire Department, controlled the fire.

Because SCFD is one of the only departments in the area with a Class B foam trailer, it was called in to assist with the fire, which was contained within 20 minutes after arrival.

“When mixed with water, it forms a film that hovers over a spill or burning liquid, sealing the flammable vapors thus snuffing out the fire by preventing vapor production and ignition, or, in the case of a fire, suppresses the blaze and prevents it from spreading or reigniting,” said SCFD Lt. Randy Hurtado.

According to Hurtado, a fiberglass holding tank was hit by lightning and it set off a chain reaction, and one tank was blown across the highway.

No injuries were reported, he said.