GLEN ROSE — After being made aware that a registered sex offender officiated on two separate dates in Glen Rose in late 2017, administrators at Glen Rose ISD are taking precautions that it doesn’t happen again.

“Glen Rose ISD will now require any sub-chapter officiating Glen Rose ISD sub-varsity games to submit the names of any person officiating and go through the same criminal background check as any other district employee or volunteer,” said Superintendent Wayne Rotan in an email sent out to families in the district last Friday afternoon.

According to WFAA in Dallas, James Williams, 52, who has served time in prison for attempted kidnapping, was allowed to officiate sub-varsity games in Glen Rose and Granbury as a member of the Granbury Chapter of Basketball Officials.

Rotan said Williams worked games in Glen Rose on Nov. 18, 2017, and Dec. 16, 2017, as well as other games in neighboring districts.

“As a district, we in a good-faith effort, utilized the Granbury Chapter to not only supply officials, but also perform due diligence of vetting their officials before they are assigned to any Glen Rose ISD campus,” Rotan said. 

Rotan said GRISD generally uses the Fort Worth Sports Officials Chapter to assign officials to games, however, when the chapter doesn’t have enough officials for the sub-varsity games, games are assigned from the Granbury Chapter, a practice that has been done for two decades.

“The Granbury Chapter will also be required to sign a contract ensuring all officials have been through the proper background check,” Rotan said, noting the Granbury Chapter wasn’t conducting background checks, while the Forth Worth Chapter does.

According to WFAA, Williams, after spending two years in jail for the attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl in 2015, was arrested for violating the requirements set down in his sex-offender registration.

“I sincerely apologize for the mistake and steps are being taken to ensure this will never happen again,” Rotan said. “The safety and well-being of Glen Rose ISD students and staff are our No. 1 priority.”