Exciting things have been happening at the Somervell Heritage Library and Research Center and we are getting good traffic through the Heritage Library and Research Center. Since we are now up and running well and the volunteers are taking more calls from out of town seeking information on their extended families.  We have had a number of visitors from out of town coming to visit and the word is spreading.  We are now receiving calls from out of state and it is good that we have our extensive research and that we are able to be of assistance to them. 

The months of October included a workshop through the State Libraries system that was streamed to 41 libraries throughout the state. Our good friend Bill Buckner, coordinator for the Waco Genealogy Center Library was kind enough to invite our library to participate with the Genealogy Webinars sponsored by the State.  It was a one-day public workshop held here in Glen Rose. We were fortunate to have the GRISD Tech Center conference room to use for the event.  The three large screens allowed us to participate with the speakers from 8 different areas. Each area had a different topic of interest.  One subject was from the Tulsa OK Library system and their topic of interest to many who research the Indian Nations. The event was a huge success for the library and for Somervell County. We had not only our local visitors but people from Joshua, Granbury, and Cleburne who came for the day. The event is held each year and this year

and we have already been invited for the 2019 October event.  We will have more information on this year’s topics and will post as soon as they come in. 

 Then in November we received the notice from the county that they would be installing the   Ancestry.com program and it is available at our Research Center and that it would also be available to the Somervell County Public Library computers. Those who visit the libraries will be able to use the public computers for research. I am finding that it has more avenues than my personal Ancestry program. The computers are now available for your use in your genealogy research. This is a free service for our patrons. Our volunteers will be able to assist with your research findings. This is a great step in the progress for all.  

This past week I received a call from Sean Giggy, a reporter at WFAA. His question was “How did Nemo get its name?” He explained that he was doing this project for WFAA, and this would be his fourth story on small town names.  He said the story would be aired on WFAA for the month of February, probably on the 10 p.m. news. 

He wanted to know if we could help him. Of course, the answer was an immediate “YES”. He also wanted us to supply a “character” who would show him around Nemo.  That too, was an immediate “YES.”  

He arrived on Tuesday morning with his camera man and we supplied the “character” and the information he needed. Sean was in awe of the whole area and spent a lot of time with his Drone canvasing the area.  At the library we had dug through files, boxes, photos, etc. that might be tools for this story (what we found was a surprise for sure). 

We had the copies of the original Post Office Government Applications for Nemo dated 1892 with the name…..  I am not going to disclose what we found but we will try to keep you posted on the date. 

He did say it would probably be in the next two weeks. He also said after it airs it will be posted as a You Tube and be available to the public at any time. 

Our phone number is 254-897-9073.