The Bruner Auto Family plans to move their Service Center in Glen Rose to Stephenville in February.  The Service Center’s final two weeks of business will feature in-store discounted specials and coupons for future service discounts at the Stephenville location. To express appreciation to the community, Bruner has partnered with Glen Rose Dairy Queen to offer Customer Appreciation Lunch Coupons. These coupons can be picked up at the Bruner Glen Rose location beginning Friday, February 8 and can be redeemed through Friday, Feb. 22. 

“We’re deeply grateful for twenty-two years serving the Glen Rose community” said Greg Bruner, Owner and President of the Bruner Auto Family. “We look forward to continuing to serve our Glen Rose customers at our Stephenville location, and will continue supporting the Glen Rose community through local sponsorships and school support,” Bruner said.  

Bruner Motors began their Glen Rose business in May 1996. They purchased property and partnered with Bill Mullen.  “Bill exemplified the spirit of the Glen Rose Community and his years of unending efforts helped their business succeed” said Bruner.  He also recognized the past managers and years of service of Fred Ibarra, Matt Todd, and Jace Parchman.

Rusty Comer, the current manager, invites all his customers to come by before Feb. 15, to participate in the closing specials, receive coupons for future discounts at the Stephenville location and to pick up their Customer Appreciation Lunch Coupons.