Glen Rose Medical Center had two new doctors join the hospital in 2018: Drs. Josie Lopez and Carter Smith.

Dr. Josie Lopez started at Glen Rose Medical Center in July 2018 as a family physician.

She graduated medical school from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in 2009. She did a three-year residency at West Suburban Medical Center on the Chicago west side and graduated in 2012.

“Initially I practiced medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. We then moved back to Minnesota where I'm originally from and I worked at a rural family medicine practice prior to coming here,” she said.

Lopez said her mom influenced her decision to become a doctor.

“My mom is a family nurse practitioner and growing up, she introduced me to medicine by taking me to the nursing home with her. She strongly encouraged me to pursue medicine,” she said. “I went on a mission trip my freshman year in college at Valparaiso University to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where we provided rural healthcare and this experience solidified my passion for medicine.”

She said she is happy to treat people for urgent-care visits such as stitching up a fresh cut, stopping nosebleeds or providing nebulizer treatments for people who have asthma.

“I value relationships with my patients and I believe in the team approach to medicine. It is important for patients to feel empowered to manage their health conditions. I'm passionate about using evidence-based medicine to help people understand their medical conditions and what they can do without pills to be healthy,” she said.

Lopez also treats patients in the nursing home and those doing skilled rehab at their facility.

She wants her patients to know that she has experience working with diverse patient populations.

“In Chicago, I worked with many young families both in the clinic and at a school-based health center at a high school. Cook County was such a unique place. People from all over the world would use our services,” she said. “In Minnesota, I worked with the volunteer EMS service and in the nursing home as well as at the clinic. I got pretty good at removing fish hooks.”

Lopez is fluent in Spanish and looks forward to serving the Spanish-speaking community in Glen Rose.

“In college, I majored in Spanish and I worked in a predominantly Latino community at a doctor's office as a nursing assistant, and my job was to call patients in Spanish with their cholesterol results. This experience is what helped me become proficient in Spanish. Spanish has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. I've had amazing travel experiences and have formed bonds with friends and family I only could have created with these language skills. Currently, I use my Spanish regularly when speaking with my in-laws, with patients and I'm teaching it to my children,” she said.

Lopez is married to her husband, Pablo, and they have four children ages 20, 18, six and 22 months.

In her spare time, she enjoys coaching her daughter’s soccer team and playing with her kids in the park and in their backyard. Her family loves to travel and explore new places.

She is accepting patients of all ages.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lopez, call Glen Rose Healthcare at 254-897-2202.

Dr. Carter Smith started at Glen Rose Medical Center in late November as a general surgeon.

He grew up in Sugar Land, where he met his wife, Carie. He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer science at Baylor University.

He then decided to go to medical school and earned his doctorate of medicine at UT Houston Health Science Center in 2007.

He entered surgical residency from 2007-2014 and during that time, he earned a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

Smith also did a fellowship for an additional year in Houston in advanced laparoscopic techniques.

He started a practice in Waco and was there for two years until he got his current job at Goodall-Witcher in Clifton in 2017.

Smith came to Glen Rose because of his business partner, John Bawduniak, who works at Coryell Memorial in Gatesville.

“The idea is that we would build a network of rural hospitals and share resources and one of those resources is the general surgeon,” Smith said. “When I started at Goodall-Witcher, my first expansion was into Whitney, and then I came out here to talk to Dr. Patino and he said he was probably interested in retiring at some point in the near future, so I met with the leadership of the hospital and expressed an interest in coming out here and picking up anything that he wasn’t going to be doing anymore so that they had general surgery coverage.”

Smith said he has always wanted to be a doctor.

“I think it provides a good balance between something that’s intellectually challenging, but also provides lots of contact with people and the ability to help people on a day-to-day basis. Mostly I wanted a career that would provide lifelong fulfillment, as well as the ability to live wherever I wanted, not be a slave to wherever the industry said I had to live,” he said.

His primary interests are minimally invasive surgeries which includes gallbladder surgery, hernia surgery and reflux surgery. He also performs cancer operations for colon cancer, skin cancers like melanoma and breast cancer.

“I try to provide individualized, fairly concierge medicine,” he said. “Most of my patients get my cell phone number. I try to do everything I can close to home but I have the ability to take patients to different hospitals if I need different equipment or specialists. I maintain privileges at both Providence and at Hillcrest in Waco, so that if big surgery is necessary, I can take care of them and then bring them back home afterwards.”

In his spare time, Smith likes to go hiking, camping, mountain biking and he is also learning how to weld.

He lives on seven acres with his wife and three kids, Larson, 9, Elise, 7 and Weston, 4.

“We’re trying to learn how to homestead, so we have chickens and dogs and cats and horses,” Smith said. “If we ever expand, we’re interested in doing cattle and goats and things like that, but for us, it’s all a learning process because we grew up in the suburbs.”

Dr. Smith will see patients in Glen Rose at the Specialty Clinic the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith, call his primary office at 254-675-7985.