The Glen Rose City Council is moving forward with one of its at-large seats remaining vacant, at least for the near future.

During Monday’s regular April meeting, the City Council voted by a 4-0 margin not to take action regarding the place that had been held by Robert Marquez.

The agenda proposal was for the Council to consider one of three options: either appointing someone for the spot; or calling for a special election to fill it; or to leave the seat vacant.

Council member Johnny Martin’s motion to leave the spot vacant, for now, was seconded by Chris Bryant. They, along with Julia Douglas and acting Mayor Dennis Moore, voted not to take any action at this time.

Marquez read his letter of resignation to the Council on March 18. He had served on the Council for almost 3-1/2 years. The open position will come up in the 2020 election, although the Council could still vote to appoint someone to fill the spot before then if it’s deemed necessary.

Mayor Pam Miller, who ran unopposed in the current election cycle, was unable to attend Monday’s meeting. Miller was set to take office in May, but in the March 18 meeting she was appointed by a 5-0 vote to take office early so that position would not be vacant.

The spot on the City Council currently held by Moore will be taken by Rhonda Hawthorne, who was the only other candidate to file for reelection other than Martin, who was appointed to fill the spot vacated by the resignation of Linda James.

The Council also voted (4-0) to appoint two new members of the Planning and Zoning Commission — Karen Richardson and Lonnie Coble. Louisa Monk resigned, leaving the commission two people short of its five-member capacity. Also, the Council voted to name Dennis Moore to the other position that will be opening when Hawthorne takes the City Council seat in May.

The Council voted to take no action regarding what was called an “unfortunate” and “complex” situation with an oversight from the past in which property owners in the Camelot Phase III subdivision were not billed for their property taxes.

Glen Rose City Attorney Brady Pendleton told the Council that “It’s something we have to be delicate with,” and added, “We need a little bit more time on it.”

Moore and Bryant suggested that the Council might be better off to “show grace” and not take action to collect back taxes, but instead start collecting taxes beginning with the 2019 calendar year.

A grant for $6,000 was approved (4-0) to support the Texas Smokin’ Guns three-day event at the Somervell County Expo Center. The event, which could bring in 100 or more competitors in horseback shooting competition, is being moved to the Fourth of July weekend this year.