Somervell County Sheriff Alan West stated in a news release that a search is ongoing for a suspect after a “verbal altercation” early Sunday “became violent” and two individuals were injured by a vehicle. Two sources told the Glen Rose Reporter that City Council member Chris Bryant was one of the two who was injured.

Those sources stated that the incident, in downtown Glen Rose, may have been intentional. The news release did not state any specific criminal charge that may be pending. Sources named a possible suspect in the incident, but the name is not being released by the newspaper until it's known whether or not a criminal charge has been filed.

The news release from Sheriff West states:

“On Sunday morning April 21st 2019 at approximately 2 a.m. Deputies from the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for help on the square in downtown Glen Rose Texas. Upon the Deputies arrival, it was determined that a verbal altercation between two individuals had become violent.

“One of the individuals involved turned his vehicle on the other individual and ran him over. A second person, which was a bystander, was also injured by the speeding vehicle.

“The first individual struck by the speeding vehicle was airlifted to Harris Hospital in downtown Ft. Worth and was released that day. The injuries sustained were extensive but non-life threatening.

“The second person struck by the speeding vehicle was transported by ambulance to the Glen Rose Medical Center and sustained injuries to both lower extremities. This subject was released later in the day with non-life threatening injuries.

“The suspect in this case fled the scene in the vehicle and remains at large. Somervell County Sheriff’s Office continues the search for this suspect and this remains an active open case.”

Bryant has not responded to a text message sent to him by the newspaper on Sunday or to a phone call Monday morning.

Bryant, 48, was sworn in as a City Council member last May after successfully running to fill one of the vacancies. He had previously served four terms on the City Council.
On Nov. 15, 2013, while Bryant was a member of the City Council during a previous term, he was found guilty of a Class C misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

The verdict, from a six-member jury in the courtroom of Justice of the Peace Scott May, stemmed from a complaint filed by a UPS delivery driver in mid-August of that year.

At that time, the Glen Rose Reporter published an article reporting that the UPS van driver, Ray Barron, was “traveling along his delivery route when a verbal altercation with Bryant occurred. Bryant said Barron ran two stop signs near his home on Grace Street.

The 2013 article continued, “After the two men exchanged words, Bryant followed the delivery van all the way to the Somervell County Law Enforcement Center, where Barron filed a complaint. The UPS man said Bryant used racial slurs and attempted to run his vehicle off the road. But Bryant called those allegations a ‘lie’.”