Glen Rose City Councilman Chris Bryant is breaking his silence following an altercation with a man who allegedly ran him over in downtown Glen Rose early Sunday morning.

Matt Schieffer turned himself into authorities on Monday night and is reportedly being held at the Somervell County Jail.

Charges against him are pending, according to authorities.

Bryant, now home from the hospital, contacted the Glen Rose Reporter on Tuesday to tell his side of the story and to clear up rumors that are circulating on social media.

Bryant confirmed that he is involved with Schieffer’s estranged wife and that their relationship is what triggered Sunday’s incident and a slew of threatening behavior over the course of the past several weeks.

“I have video recordings of him threatening to kill me,” Bryant said. “(Schieffer) is the kind of guy who never gives up. I have actually been afraid for my life and I have contacted the sheriff’s office several times because of the threats.”

On the night of the incident, Bryant said he and his friend Juan Delgado and two females were traveling home from a convenience store when they realized that Schieffer was trailing them in his silver Cadillac.

“He got behind us as we approached downtown,” Bryant said. “He was riding our bumper.”

As the vehicles neared a stop sign, Schieffer allegedly threw a bottle at Bryant’s vehicle and began screaming and yelling through the window.

“I noticed his son was in the car so there was no retaliation at that point,” Bryant said. “Then he maneuvered in front of us and blocked us in. That’s when I exited the vehicle.”

Bryant said he approached Schieffer’s car and noticed a second child in the backseat.

“I said, ‘Matt, what are you doing? Take the kids home,’” Bryant said. “I started walking back to my vehicle and I heard him accelerate very fast. I eased back to the side and he made a hard left in my direction and clipped my legs and knocked me through the air.”

Bryant said he was unconscious when 9-1-1 was called and unaware that Delgado had also been hit.

Bryant was taken to Glen Rose Medical Center then transported by air to Texas Health Harris Fort Worth Hospital where he underwent a slew of scans and X-rays. 

Bryant said he has a concussion, dislocated shoulder and hip, and injuries to his lower back, knee and elbow.

“I will likely need surgery to repair my shoulder, but I’m lucky to be alive,” he said.

Schieffer’s Facebook page is filled with what appears to be threats Bryant claims are directed at him. Schieffer’s last post made about 5 p.m. Saturday is a picture of a smiling man in the back of a police car with the caption “A PICTURE OF ME AFTER I F*** YOU UP.”