Siloville Climbing Gym in Hico is hosting an art competition for students in K-12 in Hico, Stephenville and the surrounding areas.

There are three types of art that kids can create: a butterfly, angel or Texas post card.

Kathy Bradley, owner of the Siloville Climbing Gym, said there isn’t really a criteria for the artwork, but that she “would like it to be colorful.” She said the kids could use colored pencils, crayons or paint.

Three judges will be judging the competition: Linda McDowell, an acrylic painter; Jerry McAdams, an oil painter and employee of Hico News Review; and Tyler Crow, an oil painter. Bradley said each judge’s artwork is “incredible.”

There will be three winners of the contest: one from elementary school, one from junior high and one from high school.

The winners will have their art painted on the side of the silo and they will also receive a free climb and zipline.

“We love color and we have all this canvas with the silos. People sometimes would paint the year they graduated or something like that but I think it would be better to showcase different artists and for them to show us their artwork and it will be able to stay here for a long time,” Bradley said. “The winners will also be able to enjoy climbing and ziplining as their reward.”

To submit an entry, participants need to drop off their art by May 15 at the Siloville Climbing Gym, located at 455 South Elm Street in Hico.

For more information, contact Siloville at 254-340-0737.