Second graders at Glen Rose Elementary School celebrated Cinco de Mayo last Friday as part of their fifth annual celebration.

Students enjoyed several activities like busting a pinata, food tasting, Mexican bingo and bargaining.

Each kid was responsible for bringing 10 items and they learned how to bargain.

“I’m excited that the kids got the opportunity to have experiences. They exchanged and bargained. Some of the teachers even tried to get involved,” said Claire Downing, second grade bilingual teacher at Glen Rose Elementary School. 

The event also included dancers and singers from Glen Rose Intermediate School.

The Glen Rose High School culinary arts team made the food. Many different Mexican drinks and foods were available including horchata, a drink made out of rice; sopes, which is a corn cake; elote, which is Mexican corn; street tacos; pan dulce, which is Mexican sweet bread; chicharrones, which are pork rinds; and gelatina de leche, which is gelatin made with milk.

“The food was outstanding. I try to incorporate different foods every year. It’s just a fun day for everybody to celebrate. Everybody had fun, even the teachers,” Downing said. “It’s good for children who are not Hispanic to experience some of the cultural food. I’m excited that other kids had the opportunity to learn about my culture.”