Randy Alda, a singer/songwriter from Glen Rose, will be performing at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 25, at the Field of Flags in Granbury for Memorial Day weekend. 

Alda grew up in Sulphar Springs and works at Comanche Peak Pilot Plant. He resides in Glen Rose and hopes to eventually transition into singing for full-time.

“He is our Glen Rose local singer,” said friend Nancy Scott. “Not only is he a singer/songwriter, but he’s a phenomenal all-around man with a great spirit and a good heart.”

Alda began singing at the age of four, and at almost 59, he has been singing for 55 years.

“For me, it’s sharing what I've been gifted with. When you hear me sing, when you hear what’s on my website, I have very little to do with what you hear. I just think it’s the gift that God gave me. Nobody really taught Elvis to sing. Elvis, his voice was the gift of God; I mean, that’s just the way he was made so I get to share my gift,” Alda said.

He started writing music last June and so far has written 18 songs but only two songs have been published, one of them being the song he plans to sing during the Field of Flags.

For the Field of Flags, Alda will be singing a song he just released on May 8 that he wrote specifically for Memorial Day called, “When You Look At The Flag, What Do You See?”

With Alda also being a U.S. Navy veteran for six years, “The Flag Song,” as he calls it, speaks near and dear to his heart.

“I think ‘The Flag Song’ turned out beyond my dreams. It makes the people cry. I sing from the heart and I write music from the heart and ‘The Flag Song’ is from the heart,” he said.

Alda was in the military during the 1998 United States embassy bombings.

“I still remember on the television the president standing walking past all of the coffins with flags on them so even during peace time, a lot of our military, a good number of our military, they do not come home except covered by a flag because our enemies are still there,” he said.

With eight years of experience singing at The Promise in Glen Rose, Alda is excited to begin his debut as a solo artist singing at a non-religious venue.

“This is awesome. It’s a very special thing. I’m honored to be invited,” he added.

To listen to Alda’s two songs, “When You Look At The Flag, What Do You See” and “I Love To See You Smile,” visit www.randyalda.com.