The Globe-News has had several recent articles on banning abortion at 6 to12 weeks. I am commenting on the abortion stories that deal with the bills passed by several states that do NOT allow exceptions for rape and incest. Of course, these bills are passed, by and large, by male legislators who are either ignorant or downright mean.

Have you ever been a party to a case where a 13-year-old was raped and impregnated by a criminal? Even the local district attorney’s office didn’t want a child to go through months of carrying a rapist’s fetus and the pain of childbirth: a child having a child. As the former CEO of Planned Parenthood in the Texas Panhandle, I witnessed enough of these kinds of cases to know that removing abortion exceptions is medically unsound and morally corrupt. If it were their 12- or 13 year old daughter, these cruel men would be taking a different stance.

Claudia Stravato, Amarillo