Tarleton State University is hosting an exhibit at the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center that includes work from the Dublin Rippers quilting club.

Members of the club include Peggy DeLaVergne, Suzann Thompson, Sonja Banister, Donna Timmons and Hazel Ashcraft.

Timmons and Ashcraft find joy in making quilts for family members and solace in making them from the clothing of loved ones who have passed on.

“They had an employee that passed away,” DeLaVergne said. “[Donna] got his shirts and made lap throws for his children and his wife. She does a lot of nice work for people just because she loves doing what she does and she loves to give.”

DeLaVergne quilts her amazement for the continent of Africa. She also incorporates glitter, beads, and even uses material to make hair to add personality to her quilts and make them come alive. 

“I think one of the neat things about this is so you buy a print, then what?” Thompson said. “I think what Peggy is so good at is choosing the borders around it and adding the stuff to it that make it into a full-fledged quilt and also adding the embellishments to it, the sparkly things and the beads and stuff.”

Banister has a quilt for every holiday. Her hand-embellished creations are for sale on etsy.com.

Thompson, a long-time crocheter, adds flowers and doilies to her wall hangings. She also likes to hide a few buttons in each of her works.

“I knit and then I stabilize the knitting with feasible interfacing and I cut it up and I sew it onto a background and that’s how I make my things," Thompson said. "I love to hide buttons.”

The exhibit will be up through Aug. 9 and a reception for the quilters takes place from 4-6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 24.

“Every quilt has a story,” DeLaVergne added.