I don’t know about you, but I love a good ghost story and tales of the supernatural, which is why I headed to Mineral Wells on Saturday night.

The History Hunters of Texas was hosting a ghost walk at the Baker Hotel, the Crazy Water Hotel and the Nazareth Hospital and other historical locations, so I headed out with my parents, Johnny and Christi Inge, and boyfriend, Dillon Silsby.

These kinds of assignments are perfect for a reporter like me.

Shawna Blakney was the evening's tour guide and she taught everyone how to use divining rods.

Potter Paranormal, a paranormal investigating team, was there to show us their equipment and to teach us how to go ghost hunting on our own.

About 50 people showed up for the event: even one couple who had just gotten married that day.

Talk about an interesting start to a marriage!

We heard several ghost stories, including one that involved a haunted doll inside the séance room at the Paranormal and Metaphysical Museum. The tour claims the doll cries at night even though it doesn't have a voice box.

My boyfriend held the doll, but it didn't make a peep.

The séance room included a reportedly haunted piano and Ouija board, along with two more supposedly haunted dolls: a Raggedy Ann and a blond-haired, blue-eyed doll in a blue dress.

The walk also touched on the history of the Crazy Water Hotel. The legend says that in 1881, a woman who suffered from dementia would sit by the well and drink water all day. People started to notice that she wasn’t as crazy as she used to be and began to suspect that the water was “magical.”

A man named Ed Dismuke also had a crazy story involving the water. His doctor told him that nothing would be able to cure his ailing stomach, but when he started drinking the water, he got better.

In 1904, Dismuke founded the Famous Mineral Wells Water Company, selling and distributing the mineral water.

The Baker Hotel was built in 1929 by TD Baker and it was said that Baker had a mistress he kept on the seventh floor.

According to legend, she jumped from the window of the seventh floor to her death. She is known as the “Lady in White” and there have been reports of visitors saying they saw her and smelled her lavender perfume.

Another story involved a maid who got involved with a married cook.

When she threatened to tell his wife about the affair, he stabbed her to death in the kitchen pantry.

See what I mean? Interesting stuff.

This two-hour ghost walk was definitely an experience to remember.

If you ever get a chance, you should check it out!