ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — A University of Texas at Arlington report says former golf coach Stuart Deane was found responsible for sexual harassment through inappropriate comments to some of his female athletes.
Deane resigned as the university's golf director before the investigation was completed in October, according to documents obtained by the school newspaper , The Shorthorn. He was placed on administrative leave last August, a day after a former player emailed the university president detailing some allegations.
One former female athlete said she transferred because she was offended by an inappropriate sexual comment from Deane. The former coach denied making the statement. His attorney, Rogge Dunn, says there was a "rush to judgment" by a Title IX investigator with an "ax to grind."
The report says Deane admitted to allegations of drinking alcohol and driving on school-sponsored trips. Deane said he didn't drink excessively or drive recklessly.
Deane, an Australian, has 14 career appearances on the PGA Tour. He has made the cut twice.