I have always considered Somervell County and the City of Glen Rose one community. What helps one also helps the other. For the last five years both governing bodies have worked very hard to move things forward, both in the City and the County. Take a close look around you and you will notice that there is a lot of progress in the residential and commercial sectors in both the City and County. This type of progress and growth can only happen with the hard work and cooperation of both entities. There are still folks that would like to divide and drive a wedge between the two entities.

I am constantly reminded that residents of the City pay County taxes also. I fully understand this because I have paid both for over 34 years. I would like to explain what is required to be provided by County taxes and what is optional.

Required Services

1. Maintenance of Roads and Bridges

2. Public Safety

3. Courts Systems

4. Indigent Medical Care (If a Hospital District does not exist)

5. Issuing and Recording Public Documents

6. Elections and Voter Registration

7. Public Health

8. Vehicle Registration/Titles/Sales Taxes

Optional Services

1. Fire Protection

2. Emergency Medical Services

3. Operation and Maintenance of Parks

4. County Hospitals/Hospital Districts

5. Solid Waste Facilities and Services

6. County Airports

7. Industrial/Economic Development

8. Mental Health Services

9. Libraries

The following comparisons are not intended to take a swipe at the City of Glen Rose, but there seems to be a misunderstanding on Social Media why County and City taxes vary the way they do. These figures are strictly to explain and educate.

24 Hour coverage Sheriff’s Office, Jail, and Dispatch

County $3.8 million, City $0

24 Hour coverage Fire and Emergency Medical Services

County $2.1 million, City $0

3 Parks inside City Limits

County $173,000, City $0

Senior Center Committee on Aging

County $265,000, City $0

Library and Heritage Center

County $189,000, City $0

It has always been and still remains my desire for the County and City to work together to benefit, improve and grow our community as one to help all of our residents. Many times comments made on Social Media are perceived to be true and accurate when they are not.

Danny L. Chambers,

Somervell County Judge