The Glen Rose City Council has submitted a resolution to the Texas Department of Transportation for an alternate route for larger transport trucks traveling through the city.

City Secretary Stephanie Ritchie told the Glen Rose Reporter that she sent it to TxDOT earlier this week, in the wake of the City’ Council’s Sept. 8 vote in favor of the resolution. If approved by TxDOT, it would mean that at least some of the large trucks traveling on State Highway 144/56 to and from U.S. Highway 67 through downtown to Glen Rose — a controversial topic for quite some time — will be diverted.

Ritchie said that under the city’s proposed route, traffic signs would be posted by TxDOT to divert the transport semi trucks entering the downtown area on Elm Street to turn left only at the four-way stop, and continue west all the way to the intersection with Highway 67 on the west side of town.

The trucks that currently travel from Highway 67 (turning at Tiger Corner) to North East Barnard Street to downtown toward the four-way stop at Elm and then Highway 56 south will continue to take the same route as they are currently — turning left on Elm.

Some residents and downtown business owners have long complained about problems resulting from heavy flow of larger transport trucks through town. The proposal in the city’s resolution would at least eliminate the trucks having to make wide right turns into the westbound traffic from the intersection of Elm and Northeast Barnard. 

Ritchie said she did not know how long it may take to get a response from TxDOT on possibly accepting the proposed route change.


Ritchie also noted that the City Council had voted to fill open positions on the Glen Rose Planning and Zoning Commission as well as the Glen Rose Preservation Board.

Larry Wilson and Kenneth Cremean were approved to fill the open seats on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Sue McDonald was approved for the open position on the Preservation Board.