Glen Rose native and author Josh Barnett will release his third book in the Lorestalker series, “The Witch of Gray’s Point,” with a book signing at Storiebook Café and Bookstore on Dec. 7.

A 1997 graduate of Glen Rose High School and writing under the pseudonym, J. P. Barnett, his series features a collection of paranormal horror suspense/thrillers examining folklore and tall tales of mysterious creatures roaming the town of Rose Valley, which Barnett patterned after Glen Rose.

“[The third book] follows the main character from book two named Miriam and her rough relationship with her father and also, fighting monsters because everybody is going to fight monsters in my series,” he said.

He’s excited for fans to see Miriam’s chapter come to a close.

“I think this really wraps up Miriam as a character. It wraps up her arc really nicely so for people who have seen her in book one and now book two, she’s trying to rebuild her life after some traumatic experiences. Book three really ties the bow on that so I'm excited for people to read that especially if they’re a fan of the character,” Barnett said.

The first book in the series, “The Beast of Rose Valley,” won the Pinnacle Achievement Award and was a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Awards. The follow-up, “The Kraken of Cape Madre,” was released to rave reviews and is a finalist in the 2019 Kindle Book Awards.

The Lorestalker series will continue with three more books and the next book is set to publish in September 2020.

Barnett hopes to one day write a science fiction novel because it’s his favorite genre.

“I definitely have at least one solid idea for a science fiction novel that I'd like to write one day, but it’ll have to be when I'm done with this series, which is probably at least three years from now before I can get started on that,” he said.

And for fans who aren’t big readers, the audiobooks are starting to roll out for the series.

“The first audiobook for book one is already out there and book two should be coming in the next month or so,” he said. “I hope that people get into the series.”

“The Witch of Gray’s Point” will be officially released on Dec. 2 and Barnett said he is looking forward to visiting Glen Rose and saying hi to everyone who drops by Storiebook Café on Dec. 7.

Barnett currently resides in San Antonio with his wife, Akaemi, and their cat Havoc, who “acts like a dog.”