Glen Rose High School students competed on Nov. 15 in a UIL academic online virtual meet, and had two teams that placed in the top 10 in the Class 4A division.

There were a total of 6,886 scores submitted, according to GRHS Principal Kelly Shackelford. It was the school’s first virtual meet of the current school year.

The awards went to the top 100 overall in each event, along with the top 40 in each classification, top 40 in each grade level and top 10 teams.

GRHS students competed in Current Events, Mathematics, Number Sense, Science, Biology and Chemistry.

The GRHS team of Carson Osborne, Jenna White and Walker Andrews placed fourth in Number Sense.

Also, eighth place in Mathematics was earned by the GRHS team of Erin Outen, Samuel Aldriedge and Joel Mendoza.

GRHS students earned the following places:

9th Grade Current Events

24th place, Allie Williams

Class 4A Mathematics

8th Place Team, Erin Outen, Samuel Aldriedge, Joel Mendoza.

4A Number Sense

4th Place Team, Carson Osborne, Jenna White, Walker Andrews.

4A Number Sense Individual

19th Place, Carson Osborne; 22nd Place, Jenna White

4A Science

30th Place, Orrin Miller; 33rd Place, Matthew Locke.

4A Biology

34th Place, Matthew Locke

4A Chemistry

16th Place, Orrin Miller; 18th Place, Erin Outen; 27th Place, Matthew Locke; 33rd Place, Jenna White.

11th Grade Chemistry

27th Place, Erin Outen

12th Grade Chemistry

34th Place, Orrin Miller