A 46-year-old Glen Rose man was convicted on two felony drug offenses in Judge Wayne Bridewell’s 249th District Court this week, one of which brought a sentence of 25 years in prison.

John Paul Brooks was convicted on Monday by a Somervell County jury of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), more than one gram/less than four grams (enhanced), which brought a prison term of 25 years during Tuesday’s sentencing phase.

Brooks was also convicted of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), less than one gram, which resulted in a two-year prison sentence.

The two prison sentences will run concurrently.

When Brooks was originally charged and booked into the Somervell County Jail in November 2018, he was facing two other felony counts, but those two were abandoned by the office of District Attorney Dale Hanna. 

Court documents show that the first count, originally in the indictment as a second-degree felony count of assault with a deadly weapon, stated that “on or about Oct. 10, 2018,” Brooks did “intentionally and knowingly threaten (victim’s name withheld) with imminent bodily injury by holding a knife to (victim) throat.”

The other original count, which was also abandoned, states in the court document that Brooks “intentionally and knowingly, and recklessly cause bodily injury to (victim) in the face with a CO2 BB gun, and the defendant did then and there use or exhibit a deadly weapon, namely a CO2 BB gun, during the commission of the assault.