It’s New Year’s Eve and many are getting ready to celebrate the start of 2020 tonight.

But one Glen Rose resident knows how dangerous the night can be and has organized a free ride service called Tea-Toters.

Kay Talley previously worked at the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years and decided to organize a ride service in 2012.

“I knew from my sheriff’s work that sometimes people needed a DD (designated driver) and they didn’t have one,” she said. “I picked the name Tea-Toters because [we drink] tea - we can’t drink that day because it’s an agreement we have to make; we can’t drink 24 hours prior – and toters, because we tote you around."

Talley arranges a girls’ night with the other volunteer drivers and they typically play trivia games or put together a jigsaw puzzle and wait for the phone to ring.

“It’s our own New Year’s Eve party,” she said.

Tea-Toters will drive to any surrounding county.

“We’ve been to Walnut Springs a couple of times and we went to Cleburne the New Year's night that the ice storm hit. That was a sad night because that was the night that the little girl was killed in that wreck by the golf course. We had to drive right by it, so it really brought it home to us that we do a good service,” Talley said.

Talley said she typically stays up until 3 a.m. in case an individual is at a party and can’t drive themselves home.

“They can call us after they’ve driven themselves to a party, overindulged and we’ll bring a car and another driver and we’ll drive their car home if they’ve gotten there and had too good a time,” she said.

The rides are always free but Talley does accept tips, which are then donated to Papa’s Pantry.

To request a ride, call Talley directly at 254-396-6384.