The Somervell County Sheriff’s Office made a Facebook post on Dec. 31, presenting statistics on narcotics seized by Somervell County deputies in 2019.

Narcotics removed include 951.14 grams of marijuana totaling $3,804.56, 56.5 grams of THC products totaling $9,718, 3.76 grams of cocaine totaling $236.88, 8.6 grams of heroin totaling $1,444.80, RX pills totaling $84 and 243,590.66 grams of methamphetamine totaling $22,653,931.38.

“This is not strictly from Somervell County,” said Chief Deputy Dwayne Griffin. “This is what Somervell County deputies have recovered so our deputies have been responsible for that amount. It didn’t just come from the streets of Somervell County, but it does affect Somervell County, its residents and the surrounding counties."

The total street value of narcotics removed by Somervell County deputies in 2019 is $22,669,219.62.

“These numbers have been verified and every gram has been accounted for,” Griffin said.

As far as a plan for 2020 in finding and removing more narcotics, Griffin said they already have that “in the works.”

“We do have a drug dog and that was instrumental in a lot of this,” he said. “We will continue to operate Mikey - that’s the name of our dog - and he will continue to go out and work on a daily basis doing his job.”