Glen Rose High School senior Abby Green has been showing pigs in the annual Somervell County Youth Fair and other events for so many years that the animals are a major part of her everyday life.

It’s almost like they are her dogs — or even children.

“There is a bond between me and my pigs. They’re like my kids,” joked Green, who began entering animals in stock shows when she was in the third grade and has had numerous successes over the years. “It’s always been pigs — different breeds.”

In the 2019 Somervell County Youth Fair last January, Green’s entry in the breeding gild category took the reserve grand champion title. She also had pigs entered last year in major shows in Fort Worth, Dallas and San Antonio.

“It’s just fun. I can’t imagine my Saturdays doing anything else,” she said of the weekend shows.

Green has won four showmanship buckles recently in Glen Rose — three junior showmanship awards and one senior showmanship award (last year).

Time spent

Green currently has seven show pigs entered in the Somervell event this year. That means a time commitment of many hours working with the pigs at the ag barn, plus feeding them each morning before going to school.

In order to excel in showmanship, extra time needs to be spent working closely with the pigs. If not, the chances of winning in that category will shrink.

“The main thing is having that bond,” Green said. “If the pig’s afraid of you, there goes your chances. That’s why (the competitors) spend hours each day walking their pigs.”

Green has been helping her nine-year-old cousin, Ivan Sunez, learn how to improve his showmanship in stock shows. He is in the third grade and shows pigs as well.

“I’m helping him,” Green said. “Last year I gave lessons for a lot of kids, and it was a lot of fun.” 

Family ties

Green has an older brother, Briley Green, and older sister, Page Green, who both entered junior livestock shows when they were in school. 

Briley, now 20, attended Texas State Technical College in Fort Worth and now lives in Glen Rose. Page, 21, works in Glen Rose for a veterinarian.

Although their mother, Jennifer Green, did not participate when she was in school, her father, Jason Green did, also in the swine category.

Green has played several sports during high school while balancing her FFA time working with her show animals, and keeping up with her school work. 

She earned varsity letters in softball as a freshman and sophomore, and was on the junior varsity volleyball team as a freshman.

She is in her third year as a varsity letterman in both tennis and powerlifting. In tennis, she earned academic all-district honors.

Green said she plans to attend either Weatherford College or Hill College on a path toward becoming a pediatric nurse.